Lighthouse Assembly of Believers


 "See the light.  Be the light."


The church is organic and alive.  It is our belief at the Lighthouse Assembly of Believers that we should never force anything, in an effort to try to find people to fill positions.  We see in scripture that there are teachers, prophets, shepherds, evangelists, apostles, deacons, administrations, helps, etc. We are not to see the lists in scripture of the various gifts and functions, and then try to fill those job positions.  

These gifts and various functions are to naturally evolve and just organically operate among us. A person’s gift is, whatever it is. If a person naturally functions in his/her God-given gift, then it is evident for all to see. YES, YOU may already meet the qualifications within yourself, and they are just waiting to be recognized publicly! 

Brother Devin D. Boone shares God's Word at the LAB.  He has been teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ since August of 2008.  He has a Master’s degree in Theological Studies from the Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary and a Master's degree in Education. He is currently working on a Specialist degree in Educational Leadership.   He is married to Sister Krishna N. Boone, and they have two sons, Kameron and Karter.  He meets the qualifications of 1 Timothy 3:2-7, but more importantly, he is a child of God… JUST LIKE YOU, imperfect, falling short of the glory of God on a daily basis and relying on his faith in Jesus Christ to secure his eternal                    Bro. & Sis. Boone

home in Heaven, by grace and not by works.                                                        

Here at the LAB, we recognize that EVERYONE is a child of God, and that we are all equal brothers and sisters in Christ.  Titles do not matter.  Your sanctification process, maturity, and growing relationship with Jesus Christ IS what matters.  Your God-given gifts will be recognized here at the LAB, and if you are willing, please serve.  “See the light.  Be the light.”