Lighthouse Assembly of Believers


 "See the light.  Be the light."


Here at the Lighthouse Assembly of Believers, we are all about doing God’s will, nothing more and nothing less.  It is our mission to glorify God by being a place where believers and those longing to establish a relationship with Jesus can come together and fellowship, regardless of social status, race, and/or ethnicity.  The LAB is a place where everyone can learn how to be more like Jesus Christ.  It’s just that simple.  We recognize that Jesus sacrificed His life to die for our sins, and in return, we offer our lives as living sacrifices.  This is our reasonable response, and it is our prayer that you respond to our invitation to come and fellowship with us here at the LAB.

Feel free to “come as you are,” dressed casually.  After all, church service is not a fashion show.  Please, come ready to praise God, because He deserves our highest praise.  Also, be prepared to participate in an open discussion about God’s Word.  Don’t just expect your usual lecture.  Here at the LAB, sermons are what we like to call S.A.F.E. (Straightforward Applicable Fresh and Engaging).  Even questions from the congregation are welcomed, because if you don’t understand the Word, then, you can’t apply it to your daily life.  Finally, to address a common misconception about churches, we aren’t concerned about you giving money.  However, we are concerned about giving you an opportunity to experience actual growth and maturity in your Christian walk.  Following service, grab some doughnuts and juice, share a testimony, or talk about some points from the sermon or sports, for that matter.  Simply, enjoy yourself and the company of your brothers and sisters in Christ.  “See the light.  Be the light.”